Karl Jaeger has announced that he is running for the State Assembly in the 89th District calling for “an honest dialogue about the serious issues affecting the residents of the District.”

Jaeger went on to say, “I spoke with hundreds of voters leading up to the November election, and we all hold the same shared values of wanting to live in a place where we have a clean environment, affordable healthcare, great schools, and good jobs.”

He continued, “We don’t need more gridlock or partisan games in Madison. We don’t need more empty promises, misleading press releases, or name calling. We don’t need more corporate lobbyists telling our Representatives how to vote.”

“I remain committed to my friends and neighbors in the 89th Assembly District, and I am ready to go to work for them.  If they elect me as their Representative, I am prepared to sit down with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to coordinate a state-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic; restore the State’s commitment to fund at least two-thirds of K-12 costs; enact responsible regulations for PFAS and sulfide mining; make health care more affordable for all Wisconsin families; raise the minimum wage; and expand broadband internet access in our rural communities. I am ready to get to work for every citizen of the 89th Assembly District.”

Jaeger pointed to the current COVID-19 health crisis, noting that thousands of Wisconsinites have lost their jobs, and with them, their health insurance. He noted that the Legislative leadership in Madison has yet to bring forward any plan to address Wisconsin’s uninsured families or make any effort to develop a state-wide coordinated response to the economic impact of the virus on the economy.

Jaeger went on to say: “We need our elected leaders to put people before party and people before profits.  We need our elected leaders to put people first and that is my commitment to every citizen of the 89th Assembly District.  I would like to represent the hard-working people of Northeast Wisconsin in Madison to advance our shared values for a safe, prosperous, and environmentally secure future.”

“The other side will call me a “socialist” because I support immediate COVID relief for families and small businesses and I also support social programs like public schools, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA hospitals, public libraries, state parks, road repair, and snow removal.  They will call me a “liberal” because I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity in life starting with protecting our children’s health and safety at all ages and ensuring a good public education.  I am asking you to put aside these scare-tactic labels and call me your Representative.”

Jaeger has been a strong advocate for more State attention to the drinking water contamination issues that plague northeast Wisconsin. He is a member of the Town of Peshtigo Citizens’ PFAS Advisory Committee, a group that advocates for clean, safe drinking water for Marinette County in the wake of the massive JCI/Tyco PFAS contamination crisis.

Mr. Jaeger is on the Marinette County Board of Supervisors. He graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2004.  He previously earned the endorsement of the Sierra Club, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, and Citizen Action for his dedication to protecting Wisconsin’s environment. He and his family live in the Town of Peshtigo. Voters can follow Jaeger’s campaign on his Facebook page facebook.com/JaegerForWisconsin.

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