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CALEDONIA, WI – Throughout her campaign, Jill Underly has resolutely rejected a guaranteed in-person education setting option for all Wisconsin students. Instead, she calls opening schools premature and dangerous. This did not stop her from shooting in-person at a school with children. Kerr remarked, “This is wildly hypocritical. Jill will not call for all schools to open as a mere option but she thinks it is okay for ad crews to shoot political ads. Pure hypocrisy.”

Over the weekend, Underly called a virtual press conference to accuse Kerr of “lying” about the science of reopening schools. The fact is the CDC says that vulnerable students should have the option to return to school five days per week.

Deb continued, “Parents are begging for their kids to be in school five days per week. As I have traveled the state, Jill has rejected the science and CDC guidelines. Jill shot this footage so that she can subcontract her campaign to dark money donors, special interest groups, and unions. Jill is foreshadowing how she will let the unions and those special interest groups puppeteer DPI. Just watch, her union bosses will be whipping this into ads within weeks.”

Deb Kerr is clear of her support for public schools to all have the option for in-person instruction. She supports a reopening plan to swiftly and safely return students to in-person instruction in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The general election for Wisconsin State Superintendent is held on April 6, 2021.

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