CALEDONIA, WI – Deb Kerr, candidate for Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction, released her first television ad since the February 16 primary. The ad focuses on her plans to reopen schools safely and her vision to reform DPI.

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Kerr commented on her stance to swiftly and safely open schools, “I am following the science for the sake of our kids. The CDC recommends space between students from six feet to three feet for elementary, middle, and high schools. We can go back to school and we can do it safely.”

Kerr continued, “Failure rates are skyrocketing in our schools. Mental health conditions are more prevalent amongst our children. The science shows we can safely return to in-person instruction five days a week. Anything less than this is a travesty for our children and struggling parents across Wisconsin.”

On Friday, March 19, the CDC updated its operational guidance for schools stating that students should return to in-person instruction with universal masking, and maintaining a distance of at least three feet in classroom settings. Wisconsin teachers have been eligible for  Covid-19 vaccines since March 1. CDC guidance does not require teachers to be vaccinated to safely return to in-person instruction.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department implemented new orders allowing schools to open full time the same day as the updated CDC guidance.

Kerr concluded, “I am ready to get this done for our kids. My opponent does not have plans to reopen and she is reluctant to follow the science even as our kids suffer. Wealthy kids are not feeling the same impact of forced virtual learning, but our most vulnerable students are hurting in every way. I’m ready to follow the science, listen to health experts, and lead on day one.”

The general election for Wisconsin State Superintendent is April 6.

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