YES! A state budget that prioritizes racial equity is possible. In fact, prioritizing racial equity in the budget will make Wisconsin work better for EVERYONE.  Governor Evers has proposed a state budget that invests in the fundamental building blocks for Wisconsin’s growth and future prosperity – our children, families, schools, health, and equitable communities.

Last week we hosted a webinar focused on the importance of the Governor’s budget as it provides funding for early care and education, health care, juvenile justice reform, tax reform, and more.  Click below to see the conversation.

Kids Forward is Taking Action, Join Us

As we continue to analyze the impacts of the Governor’s budget, we invite you to l join us in advocating for those provisions that begin to  remove systemic barriers that  prevent families of color and those farthest from opportunity from thriving. To build a more equitable economy, Wisconsin’s children, families and communities need the following budget proposals to succeed: Investments to reduce significant racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, to address social determinants of health, and to combat lead poisoning;

  • Expanding BadgerCare to improve access to health care for low-wage Wisconsinites and making health insurance more affordable;
  • Providing a large and long overdue increase in general equalization aid for public schools, as well as targeted increases for special education, rural schools, and education of English learners;
  • Making significant reforms in the corrections system, including returning 17-year-olds to the juvenile justice system;
  • Investing in a more equitable future, by providing much-needed increases in child care and early education funding;
  • Removing barriers to work and community involvement by allowing all people, regardless of their immigration status, to obtain driver licenses;
  • Putting more money into the pockets of Wisconsin residents with low incomes, by increasing targeted income tax and property tax credits; and
  • Directing state agencies to determine how current government policies and practices impact people of color and individuals with disabilities.
Kids Forward is working for Every Wisconsinite

We are fighting and advocating for the most vulnerable and those furthest from opportunity in Wisconsin.  Because you are with us –  because of your support – together we show a path forward for Wisconsin where we do better for all children and families, especially children and families of color. Kids Forward continues to advocate and fight for every kid, family, and community.  We are ready  to work with policy makers, to work with community partners, and to work with you, to change the trajectory for those furthest from opportunity.

What we know for certain is, policy matters, now more than ever.

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Because policy matters, now more than ever.  
Kids Forward is a statewide child and family policy advocacy organization that has operated in Wisconsin for 140 years. Kids Forward advocates for effective, long-lasting solutions that break down barriers to success for children and families in Wisconsin, notably children and families of color and those furthest from opportunity. Using research and a community-informed approach, Kids Forward strives for a Wisconsin where every kid, every family, and every community can thrive.
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