[Waukesha, WI] – Yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch called on Governor Tony Evers to sue the federal government to stop President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate targeting Wisconsin workers. Alongside Republican congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden, local elected officials, and community members at a press conference in Eau Claire, Kleefisch called out Governor Evers for once again failing to stand up for the rights of Wisconsinites and instead bowing down to Joe Biden and Democrat Party leadership.


“In the middle of a worker shortage in the state of Wisconsin, Tony Evers has been absolutely silent on Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate that targets our friends and our neighbors across Wisconsin,” said Rebecca Kleefisch. “That is why I am calling upon Governor Tony Evers to stand up to his buddy Joe Biden, sue the federal government, and put a stop to this assault on Wisconsin workers.”

Kleefisch’s full remarks and press conference can be watched here.

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