Targeted ad campaign to encourage conservative involvement

[Waukesha, WI] – Rebecca Kleefisch’s campaign for governor is launching paid media efforts today to recruit Republicans to serve as poll workers in the upcoming elections. Municipalities are required to consider poll workers from lists submitted by local county parties. Frequently, not enough Republicans sign up, and clerks must look elsewhere for workers.

“If we are serious about safeguarding the election process, then we need more conservatives to step up and serve as poll workers on election day,” Rebecca Kleefisch said. “I am committed to making sure the 2022 election is lawfully conducted, and having equal representation among those who run our elections is pivotal to this effort.”

The Kleefisch campaign has launched as the hub for recruiting poll workers. The campaign’s recruitment efforts will target Wisconsin conservatives with digital advertising, paid communications, and volunteer outreach to encourage participation.

Visit our Election Integrity webpage here.

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