[Waukesha, WI] – Governor Tony Evers has officially received a complaint to remove Milwaukee DA John Chisholm from office for his role in allowing the man responsible for the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack to remain out on bail. Rebecca Kleefisch released the following statement on the complaint, demanding that Evers take action:


“For weeks, Wisconsinites have demanded Governor Evers remove John Chisholm from office, and for weeks Evers has dodged questions and hid behind formalities. Now that the official complaint is filed, the Governor is out of excuses. I am once again calling on Governor Evers to immediately take the steps necessary to remove John Chisholm as Milwaukee County District Attorney.”


Kleefisch has repeatedly called on Evers to take action against Chisholm. For weeks, Evers has dodged questions and any accountability surrounding an investigation into Chisholm’s weak bail policies in Milwaukee County. Just yesterday, an investigation by Fox 6 uncovered that 1 in 5 homicide suspects in Milwaukee were on bond at the time of their crime.

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