Will do whatever is necessary to protect the integrity of our election process


[Waukesha, WI] – Rebecca Kleefisch is taking the Wisconsin Elections Commission to court to ensure Wisconsin’s laws are followed and restore confidence in the election process. When WEC is allowed to subvert the law, faith in our elections system is eroded.


Wisconsin’s nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau recently revealed numerous instances where WEC failed to follow the law in their administration of the 2020 election. Rebecca’s lawsuit ensures that WEC is forced to follow the law and go through proper rulemaking procedures when adopting new policies for future elections.


Read about Rebecca Kleefisch’s lawsuit to force the Elections Commission to follow the law in the news:


WISN 1130Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch has filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission in an effort to force it to comply with state law in the runup to the 2022 election.  Kleefisch on Monday filed an original action before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, asking the Court to take up the suit without having it first go before lower courts.


The FederalistThe lawsuit follows the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau finding numerous times when the elections commission clearly broke state law, including with unattended ballot drop boxes, closed polling locations, and special voting deputies being banned from nursing homes. … “Our freedom, our way of life, and the future of our great nation all depend on free and fair elections — elections where every voter can trust the process and the result,” Kleefisch said. “Wisconsinites are sick and tired of unelected bureaucrats intentionally ignoring the law.”


Washington Examiner: Wisconsin’s former lieutenant governor Monday made an urgent plea to the state Supreme Court to kill controversial ballot moves by the state elections commission that Republicans believe tilted the 2020 presidential contest to President Joe Biden. Rebecca Kleefisch, running for governor, said that urgent action is needed to boost confidence in the upcoming election and because the court earlier said that the time to challenge balloting is before the voting starts and not “after all the ballots have been cast and the votes tallied.”


WKOWRepublican candidate for Governor Rebecca Kleefisch announced Monday she filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) in the state Supreme Court. … The lawsuit asks the court to suspend WEC’s “unlawful guidance and order the commission to follow the laws set by the people of Wisconsin through their legislature.” 


CBS 58Kleefisch, a Republican candidate running for governor, filed the lawsuit asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take action against the commission’s guidance issued during the pandemic regarding ballot drop boxes, prohibiting special voting deputies in nursing homes, and consolidating polling places. 


Milwaukee Journal SentinelKleefisch in a statement said her lawsuit would force the commission “to clean up their act prior to administering the 2022 election.”


APKleefisch has asked the court to immediately suspend the bipartisan commission’s “unlawful guidance and order the commission to follow the laws set by the people of Wisconsin through their legislature,” the State Journal reported. The lawsuit also challenges the commission’s guidance to local clerks that they did not need to send poll workers into nursing homes to assist with absentee voting after many were turned away amid the pandemic.


WPRGOP candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch filed a lawsuit Monday against the Wisconsin Elections Commission, calling on the state Supreme Court to suspend guidance the commission issued to local election officials ahead of the 2020 election.  

Cap TimesThe lawsuit follows the release of the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau’s audit of the 2020 election, which included 30 recommendations to the WEC focused on improving election administration in the state, including “18 issues for legislative consideration.” Kleefisch’s lawsuit focuses on three issues highlighted in the LAB report: ballot drop boxes, special voting deputies and consolidated polling places.

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