[Waukesha, WI] – Rebecca Kleefisch isn’t backing down in her fight to take back control and build a stronger Wisconsin. For Rebecca Kleefisch, “taking back control” isn’t just a campaign slogan, it’s her plan of action to defeat Tony Evers and put the people of Wisconsin back in charge. Conservatives won’t win in 2022 by backing down, it’s going to take bold leadership and action.


Read about Rebecca Kleefisch’s fight to take back Wisconsin in the news:


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Rebecca Kleefisch says Republicans need to ‘hire mercenaries’ to win 2022 race for Wisconsin governor


“Rebecca Kleefisch over the weekend told Republicans they needed to “hire mercenaries” and engage in ‘ballot harvesting’ to help her win next year’s race for governor — a practice she has said she wants to ban. … ‘Ballot harvesting in Wisconsin is not technically illegal,’ Kleefisch said. ‘Democrats do it non-stop and they go hard. Republicans must go harder.’ … Next, Kleefisch said, Republicans need mercenaries — by which she appeared to mean paid workers. ‘Democrats hire mercenaries,’ Kleefisch said. ‘Republicans rely on sweet little volunteers to do the exact same things. We must hire mercenaries.’”


Rebecca Kleefisch will not back down or apologize for using Democrats’ own tactics against them. If Republicans are serious about retiring Tony Evers and taking back Wisconsin, they need to use every legal tactic and fight fire with fire to win in 2022.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ‘As dumb as a bag of hammers’: Kevin Nicholson goes after fellow Republican Rebecca Kleefisch on ‘ballot harvesting’ strategy


“Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for Kleefisch, said ‘elections are a zero sum game and any Republican who isn’t willing to use the Left’s own tactics against them isn’t serious about victory in 2022.”


Rebecca Kleefisch will not cede any ground to Democrats and will use all legal campaign tactics to take back control. Establishment conservatives will never take back control if they remain too afraid to fight and use the same tactics used by Democrats to win.


WISN AM 1130: The Mark Belling Show 10/28/2021


“Rebecca Kleefisch gave a talk a few days ago saying, look, the Democrats kicked our can in ballot harvesting in the 2020 election. We’ve gotta do a better job of it. We’ve gotta have our people go out at events where we think there’s a lot of Republican voters and make sure they vote. … I believe ballot harvesting in Wisconsin should be illegal, but it’s not. So I think any Republican who says we should sit by and allow the Democrats to do it, and we’re gonna sit here and let them win election, after election, after election, because we are not going to do things that are legal because we don’t approve of them, I think that’s what’s as dumb as a bag of hammers.”


Rebecca Kleefisch understands that grassroots conservatives are frustrated with establishment Republicans who refuse to fight the same way Democrats do to ensure victory. When conservatives take back control in 2022, Rebecca will sign legislation that will secure Wisconsin elections.


WQOW: GOP candidates voice opposition to federal vaccine mandate


“Kleefisch, who is vaccinated, called on Governor Tony Evers to sue the Biden Administration and the federal government, calling the mandate unconstitutional. ‘We do not need any vaccine mandate that would force Wisconsin workers to have to choose between supporting their families with their jobs and a healthcare choice that they know is just not for them,’ continued Kleefisch, ‘What I do not believe is that government should tell anyone what is the right healthcare choice for you.’”


WEAU: Rally against vaccine mandates held at Half Moon Lake Monday

“During her remarks, Kleefisch said that if she was governor, she would have sued President Joe Biden over the vaccine mandates. ‘In the middle of a worker shortage in the state of Wisconsin, [Wis. Gov.] Tony Evers has been absolutely silent on Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate that targets our friends and our neighbors across Wisconsin,’ Kleefisch said.”


Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Health officials, legislators speak out against vaccine mandates

“Rebecca Kleefisch, a Republican and former Lt. governor, who is now running for governor against Democratic incumbent Tony Evers, was critical of Evers for not fighting against coming vaccine mandates from the federal government. ‘In the middle of a worker shortage, Tony Evers has been absolutely silent about this unconstitutional vaccine mandate,’ Kleefisch told the crowd. ‘As your governor, I will sue the federal government to stop any unconstitutional vaccine mandates.’”

Tony Evers won’t stand up to Joe Biden’s federal government overreach but Rebecca Kleefisch will. As Governor, she will refuse to back down to federal bureaucrat bullies and sue the Biden Administration for their unconstitutional overreach.

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