Milwaukee, WI – Chris Larson is running to unrig the system so that the U.S. Senate works for everyone, not just corporations and the wealthy. In an age where ultra-rich donors and shadowy special interest groups dominate our politics, one U.S. Senate candidate in Wisconsin stands out for taking the opposite approach.

Just over a month since joining the race, Chris Larson has built a strong grassroots donor base, with more unique individual donors reported than any of the other Democrats in their first finance reports.

Not being independently wealthy, Larson has never self-funded any of his prior campaigns, and this one is no different. He has stood up for the middle and working-class Wisconsinites his entire career, from the Milwaukee County Board to the State Senate. Chris has challenged the super-rich, who all too often write the rules that primarily benefit themselves, both here in Wisconsin and in Washington, D.C.

For the period ending June 30th, Larson averaged just under $50 per contribution – no small sum for Wisconsin’s working families, but a far cry from the mega-donors financing other candidates and Ron Johnson.

Progressives across the country are paying close attention to Wisconsin’s Senate race, and many have chosen Chris as their champion. In fact, the campaign has received contributions from 47 of the 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. (which should by all rights be our 51st state).

Despite this national interest, Wisconsin is the bread and butter of the Larson campaign, accounting for 75% of all funds raised, contributed by people from over 100 municipalities across the state.

Other candidates may report more funds raised, but Chris Larson and his broad, local, and energetic base are best positioned to beat Ron Johnson in 2022.

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