Milwaukee – Today, Alex Lasry, Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, called for a temporary six-month suspension of the federal gas tax.

“Wisconsinites need relief from high gas prices now,” said Lasry. “Congress needs to act immediately to suspend the federal gas tax. This is a commonsense measure that can bring immediate relief to working families across Wisconsin.”
The 18.4 cent federal gas tax is regressive and disproportionately impacts the poor and middle class, as well as people living in rural parts of Wisconsin and across the country.

“The spike in gas prices needs to be investigated and we must hold big oil accountable if they are deliberately manipulating prices,” said Lasry. “In the meantime, we need to put money back into the pockets of hard-working Wisconsinites that are being squeezed.”

The average small car has a tank that holds 13 gallons of gasoline, while medium and large vehicles typically hold 15-16 gallons. Suspending the federal gas tax would result in an average savings of $2.40-$3.00 a fill up.

“Congress just passed an historic bipartisan investment in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure that will create thousands of good paying jobs here in Wisconsin,” Lasry continued. “Our next priority should be giving this needed relief to taxpayers to put more money back in their pockets.”

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