(Madison, WI) LeadingAge Wisconsin’s mission driven long-term care (LTC) organizations from across the State are voicing their collective gratitude and appreciation of the nursing home and Family Care provider funding increases included in the 2021-2023 State Budget.
Building on the LTC proposals advanced by the Governor, the Legislature passed a State Budget that will provide a total of $356.6 million for LTC programs, representing a historic increase in funding at a time when these investments are so critically necessary.
“Even prior to the pandemic, our long-term care organizations were severely challenged by unprecedented workforce and Medicaid/Family Care funding challenges which threaten our State’s caregiving system, and those challenges have only been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said John Sauer, LeadingAge Wisconsin President and CEO. “Throughout the budget process, our elected officials recognized the critical need for substantial additional investments in our long-term care programs as necessary to address and preserve community access to quality care and services. Our organizations’ residents, clients, their families and caregivers are beyond thankful for the long-term care funding provisions in the State Budget,”  said Sauer.
LeadingAge Wisconsin urges the Governor to make these LTC investments a reality by signing the State Budget into law.
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