Contact: Rep. Lee Snodgrass, 608-266-3070

MADISON – Today, the Assembly Committee on Education held a hearing on 2021 Assembly Bill 562. LGBTQ Legislative Caucus Chair Rep. Lee Snodgrass (D-Appleton) released the following statement highlighting testimony submitted by Democratic members of the caucus in opposition to AB 562:

“I am proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues in the LGBTQ Legislative Caucus as we submit testimony in opposition to Assembly Bill 562 today,” Rep. Snodgrass said. “In many cases, school is the only place students receive accurate, non-sensationalized information about gender identity, gender expression and sexual identity which is a part of comprehensive human development curriculum.”

Rep. Snodgrass continued, “This bill, rushed through the process in less than 48 hours, will further marginalize students who may already face additional challenges and sets a dangerous precedent to pull students in and out of classrooms if parents do not like the topic of the day. Assembly Republicans are targeting LGBTQ youth in our state with this unnecessary and divisive bill instead of fighting to get Wisconsinites the real help they need during a pandemic.”

A full copy of the testimony submitted by Democratic members of the LGBTQ caucus is available on the following page.

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