Wednesday, August 11, 2021


STATEMENT: Lt. Gov. Barnes Blasts Johnson Over Tax Giveaways to His Wealthy Donors

Bombshell Pro Publica Report Reveals Johnson Personally Ensured His Ultra-Wealthy Donors Would Reap Huge Benefits from Trump Tax Scam
MADISON— Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes released the following statement blasting Ron Johnson after today’s bombshell report outlining how he secured hundreds of millions in tax breaks for his billionaire donors:

“It’s disgraceful that Senator Johnson used his office to enrich some of his wealthiest political campaign donors while raising taxes on the middle class – and widening the income inequality gap across our state. Hardworking Wisconsinites need a Senator who puts them first — and Ron Johnson has failed that test. This is yet another reason why we must defeat Senator Johnson and repeal the Trump tax giveaway to the ultra-wealthy, so we can finally cut taxes on working Wisconsin families.”

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