MILWAUKEE – Earnell Lucas, Milwaukee County Sheriff and candidate for mayor of Milwaukee, today  issued the following statement regarding his participation in a forum hosted by the Milwaukee NAACP and League of Women Voters:

“Today the Milwaukee NAACP held its Monthly Membership Meeting and partnered with the League of Women Voters to hold a forum to discuss our city’s future.

“As the only declared mayoral candidate who appeared at today’s forum, I was honored to share my vision for Milwaukee and discuss the ways that we will address the most pressing issues we face as a community. Audience questions included how we are going to address violent crime, put an end to reckless driving, and create better opportunities for our youth.

“It goes without saying that we need a mayor with critical life experience to handle what our city is facing. From crime and disorder to a looming financial crisis, my background in public service and 17 years of leadership within Major League Baseball makes me uniquely qualified to not only address these issues, but begin the process of solving them to build a stronger city and collective future.

“I want to thank Milwaukee NAACP President Clarence Nicholas and League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County President Peggy Creer for inviting the mayoral candidates to share their vision.

“We all want Milwaukee to be a city on the rise. I’m thankful for participating today and I look forward to more conversations with members of the community in the weeks and months ahead.”

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