Madison, WI– Main Street Alliance small business members across Wisconsin are deeply opposed to efforts by former Gov. Scott Walker, Koch Bros funded AFP (Americans for Prosperity) and CROWE (Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy) to eliminate the state income tax and raise the sales tax.

This would be bad for small business and Main Streets across Wisconsin. 

PATRICK DEPULA, owner of Salvatore’s Tomato PiesDarkHorse Art Bar and Member of the MSA WI Leadership Team had this to say:

“As a small business owner, I know that abolishing the Wisconsin state income tax and increasing state sales tax will overwhelmingly favor Wisconsin’s wealthiest residents. This does not help small business. It helps big business. Don’t let the supporters of this failed, trickle down policy tell you otherwise.”

TAMARINE CORNELIUS, Director with the Wisconsin Budget Project had this to add:

“Increasing the sales tax to make up for a cut in income taxes shifts the responsibility for paying taxes away from the rich and powerful, and onto the backs of people with low and moderate incomes. We can’t create broad-based prosperity for Wisconsin by raising taxes on the families who can least afford it, just to pay for tax cuts for the rich.”

When Former Gov. Walker said he was interested in eliminating the state income tax in 2013 (something he could have done at any time during his Administration) the Wisconsin Budget Project put together this analysis.

This is what they found: 

“The tax shift endorsed by Governor Walker would mean the bottom 80% of taxpayers would be paying more in taxes – some of them, a lot more. For example, a taxpayer in the lowest 20% by income would pay nearly $750 more in taxes, on average. Taxpayers in the top 1% — a group with an average income of $1.1 million – would receive a tax cut averaging nearly $44,000.”, Governor Walker’s Tax Shift Plan Would Raise Taxes for Most

It is a bad idea. It is bad for small business. It should be defeated. If not, it should be vetoed by Gov. Evers.

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