MADISON– Small Business owners across Wisconsin support the Build Back Better budget, including Becky Cooper Clancy, an MSA-WI member from Milwaukee.


“I support investments in the care economy that make early childhood education, child care, and dependent care more affordable and accessible to all families. These investments would bring more people into the workforce, which I welcome as a small business owner who thrives when there is a more robust, diverse employment pool.” (UpNorth News)


And in a recent survey, Small Business Owners in 15 industries across 24 states indicated they strongly support the Build Back Better plan here.


It has come to our attention that business organizations, such as the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association and the Wisconsin Restaurant Association are claiming to their members that the Build Back Better budget would lead to tax increases for their business.


This is simply not true. The Build Back better plan would provide a tax cut for 3.9 million small business owners. Get the facts here.


Telling small business owners their taxes will increase when in fact it’s only the larger corporations who should pay their fair share is a form of identity theft to support policies that help larger businesses at the expense of smaller businesses.


As Becky said, “Over the years, there have been a lot of folks who are not business owners and are not part of this community claiming to speak for me and represent the needs and desires of business owners. In doing so, they’ve created a system that tilts the playing field in favor of the big corporations and makes it hard for small businesses like mine to compete.”


“I recognize that these investments have a price tag attached and we have to pay for them. That is why we need to take a hard look at our tax system and whether it is raising revenue in a fair and equitable way so that we can afford these investments.”


“There were 39 corporations that made more than $120 billion in combined profits from 2018-2020 and paid net zero dollars in federal income taxes for those three years. Many even received tax refunds. Another 73 of America’s largest corporations including Amazon, Netflix, Nike, and Disney paid less than half the statutory corporate income tax rate of 21%, and as a group paid tax rates in the single digits in that period. 5.3 percent of their profits in taxes during that period.”


That isn’t fair. Let’s fix it.


For the sake of Small Businesses and Main Street, let’s get it done. 


Members of the Main Street Alliance are available for interview on why they support the Build Back Better Plan. 

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