10/7/21 — Brookfield, WI — Milwaukee area entrepreneur and business leader, Matt Cordio, has released a statement regarding his potential candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Wisconsin:

“Over the past nine months, I have enjoyed traveling across my beautiful home state of Wisconsin. It has truly been a pleasure meeting with fellow business owners, grassroots activists, and community leaders to gauge interest in my candidacy. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, making this decision extremely difficult. While I still feel called to serve my home state in a greater capacity, I have decided that is not the right time for me, my family or my businesses to be conducting a campaign for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor. I want to personally thank all of the folks who have been very generous with their time and support along the way.

Throughout his tenure as Governor, Tony Evers has consistently demonstrated his inability to lead our state forward. The administration’s hyperpartisan leadership style has only weakened and divided our great state. Although I will not be a candidate for statewide office in the next election, I will work hard to advance the Conservative movement in Wisconsin by launching a PAC to support Conservative candidates and serving as a policy advisor and donor to Conservative political organizations and campaigns.

May God bless you and the great state of Wisconsin.”

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