Today, former Army Captain and CIA officer Deb McGrath released the following statement after attending the Eau Claire Patriotic Council’s Veteran’s Day ceremony:

“Having served in the Army, State Department and CIA for twenty-five years, Veteran’s Day carries an important and symbolic meaning in my life. Veterans represent the highest ideals of our country. When we take the sacred oath, we pledge to defend and preserve our nation’s liberty and democracy. We do so knowing that we and our families will have to make great sacrifices. On Veteran’s Day, we honor that dedication.”

“We have a responsibility to support our Nation’s veterans when they come home, and that starts with ensuring they have access to quality, affordable health care, job opportunities, and improved VA benefits. The sacrifice, commitment, and valor of our veterans around the world deserves honor and remembrance today, and every day.”

About Deb McGrath’s Service

Deb McGrath served 25 years in national security positions. While in the U.S. Army, Deb McGrath served in the demilitarized zone in Korea and at several U.S. military bases. In the CIA, her assignments included Southeast and South Asia, West Africa, the former Soviet Union, and Central Europe, including two combat zones. She was awarded parachutist wings, the overseas ribbon, the U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal, and the CIA Career Medal, among several other awards.

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