(Milwaukee, WI) – Milwaukee needs a leadership change. Voters support candidates with the hope that they will honestly and earnestly represent them. Safety, jobs including the opportunity to start and run a business and the current stolen car epidemic and reckless driving are of major importance in the City of Milwaukee.

When an elected official can’t or won’t fulfill their duties, the honorable path is to step aside and allow a new person to serve the district’s interests. We have that situation in the city right now in the 9th Assembly District. The current alderperson was swept into office because of inequitable representation and the only worse situation is no voice. Being removed from committee assignments means no voice for the people of the 9th District.

Additional concerns of this mostly middle-class district are home values, criminal response including defunding the police and retail growth for the district.

The MKE Common Council Recall PAC believes the only principled action for the current Assemblywoman is to step down or face a losing proposition of a recall.

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