MILWAUKEE – County Supervisors that serve on the Health Equity, Human Needs, and Strategic Planning Committee expressed their praise and gratitude Thursday for the Milwaukee County Housing Division’s ongoing effort to prevent evictions.

Director James Mathy reported that the Housing Division has helped approximately 8,500 households with funding from the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance program.

“I’m so impressed with the staff at our Housing Division and how they go above and beyond to serve the people of Milwaukee County,” said HEHN&SP Chair Felesia Martin. “The economic conditions created by the Coronavirus pandemic have created a massive crisis in housing stability, and this an incredible challenge for our staff and partners. The folks at Community Advocates are doing a stellar job. I’ve even received several calls from landlords praising Community Advocates and stating how easy they are to work with.”


“Director Mathy and all the staff at our Housing Division should be commended for the excellent work they have done to prevent evictions and keep people in their homes,” said Supervisor Shawn Rolland. “The recent recognition of their work by the National Association of Counties shows that Milwaukee County is a national leader in housing services and preventing homelessness, and that’s something we can all be proud of.”


“Housing security is essential for ensuring the health of our community and maintaining positive economic and educational outcomes for households throughout Milwaukee County, especially those with minor children. Thank you to Director Mathy, your staff, and our partners at Community Advocates for helping keep our communities strong,”

said Supervisor Ryan Clancy.


Housing Division Director James Mathy stated that Milwaukee County received 12,140 applications for rental assistance. Mathy noted that the ability to assist with current rent owed, in addition to back rent, allowed the County to provide urgently needed support to more households. Mathy also reported that the State of Wisconsin has pledged $20 million in funding through September 2022, and that additional expected funds will enable the County to provide eviction prevention support through 2024.

Individuals in need of eviction prevention support should contact Community Advocates.

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