MILWAUKEE – County Supervisor Sheldon A. Wasserman, MD has introduced a resolution declaring health misinformation a public health crisis and affirming Milwaukee County’s commitment to health equity.

“Speaking as a physician, vaccines are the most effective and simple way to fight this pandemic,” said Supervisor Wasserman. “There is no other way forward, other than living in complete isolation, that will make everyone in our community safe. Receiving information from trusted responsible medical professionals protects us against health misinformation that threatens the lives and safety of Milwaukee County residents.”

The U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory reaffirming that misinformation is a threat to public health as it confuses people, undermines public health efforts, and prevents people from seeking preventive care and diagnostic testing.

The Pew Research Center found that 75 percent of adults sought health care information online in the past year, and social media has made it easier for people to access and share health misinformation.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors declared medical misinformation a public health crisis earlier this year and is believed to be the first local government to do so.

The resolution is expected to be considered at the December 8, 2021 Health Equity, Human Needs, and Strategic Planning Committee meeting.

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