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MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Clerk Christenson issued the following statement at the conclusion of today’s informational hearing on Wisconsin’s election processes by the Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics, sponsored by Sen. Bernier, who chairs the Committee:

“Senator Bernier should be commended for her constructive efforts to inform the public about standard procedures and the many safeguards that exist to protect the integrity of our voting process. I thank Senator Bernier for keeping today’s hearing impartial, educational, non-political and bipartisan. I applaud today’s panel for reviewing the various practices in place to ensure Wisconsin elections are secure, accurate, and transparent. Nevertheless, some members of the State Legislature are continuing their costly efforts to create a false and dangerous narrative that elections in Wisconsin are flawed or compromised.

 “Unfortunately, some of the same fringe elements of the GOP that have been pushing this false narrative attended today’s hearing and asked misguided questions, once more demonstrating their ignorance of the process and lack of interest in the truth about the security of Wisconsin elections. What’s worse, these partisan actors again insinuated that the hard-working election workers and clerks across Wisconsin – dedicated servants all – are incompetent or have nefarious intentions. This continued effort at pushing conspiracy theories about compromised elections has nothing to do with improving our election process and everything to do with building their false narrative in the pursuit of partisan gain. These individuals undermine the faith of the voters in the integrity and trustworthiness of elections across our great state.

 “I encourage further educational hearings like today’s and want to again thank Senator Bernier for having the courage to stand up for the truth and democracy.”

Clerk Christenson has served as Milwaukee County Clerk since 2017, where he oversees the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

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