MILWAUKEE – Today the State of Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) released its audit report of the 2020 Presidential Election, which concluded that the election was accurate, safe, and secure.

The Milwaukee County Clerk’s Office fully cooperated with this audit and provided all documents that the auditors requested.

“There are already some Republicans falsely claiming that Milwaukee County did not provide all the documents that LAB auditors requested, specifically the ballots themselves,” Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson stated. “LAB had access to all election materials, including ballots. In adhering to the guidance from the US Department of Justice, my office stated that the ballots would have had to be physically handled only by our staff – a service which we were more than willing to provide to the auditors. LAB auditors were fine with this and ultimately did not request access to ballots. Rather they focused on other election materials such as rejected and accepted absentee certificates, voting machine tapes, and test decks.”  

The report made it clear that vote totals in the 2020 election were accurate, that no processes were identified that could have changed the outcome, and that no evidence of widespread fraud of any type was discovered.

The report includes many recommendations to improve election processes in Wisconsin at the state and municipal levels and made no recommendations specific to Milwaukee County.

“With the release of the LAB’s audit findings, I call on Speaker Vos to accept this transparent, professional and non-partisan report and end the wasteful Gableman ‘investigation,’ which has been clumsily conducted in the shadows,” Christenson stated.

Clerk Christenson has served as Milwaukee County Clerk since 2017, where he oversees the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

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