MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County’s Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC) is encouraging the public to attend a public hearing on Thursday, September 23, and provide input on the new Supervisory District map of Milwaukee County. Public input is central to the County’s independent redistricting process, but so far only four members of the public have shared their views during the Committee’s six meetings held since August 16.

“Public input is essential to the democratic process of redrawing Milwaukee County’s political districts, and we want to stress to the community that they are welcome at our meetings. We want to hear from the public. We need your feedback and ideas. Help us ensure that Milwaukee County’s political districts are drawn to fairly represent every community,” said Committee Chairwoman Jean DiMotto.

Prior to recommending a draft map to the Board of Supervisors, the IRC called an additional public hearing this week to receive more public comment, specifically on the question of whether to create two or three majority Latino districts. The committee will discuss the Baldus v. Members of the Wis. Gov’t Accountability Bd. ruling, which provides guidance on the appropriate population level to sufficiently constitute a majority Latino district.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will present the most current version of a new supervisory district map at the public hearing. Links to current and previous versions of the supervisory district map are available at the County Legislative Information Center (CLIC). An interactive version of the potential supervisor district map is also online.

Thursday’s IRC public hearing begins at 7 p.m. and will be held virtually. Anyone who wishes to appear before the Independent Redistricting Committee and provide their input on the proposed political districts is welcome to sign up on the County Clerk’s web site.

Thursday’s hearing will be livestreamed via the County Legislative Information Center.

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