CITY OF MILWAUKEE || Core Constituents/Electorate at the top of the City of Milwaukee Organization Chart live in the 96.8 square miles radius and work, raise their family, go to MPS public schools, create small neighborhood businesses, and VOTE.

The American Rescue Plan delivered by the BIDEN/HARRIS administration is a “life-line” for Infrastructure change and it demands that your finger/footprint is on its spending.

It is the JUNETEENTH life-line message delivered FOR all in 2021.

It comes with $394 million for Milwaukee with ½ – $197 million in 2021 and ½ – $197 million in 2022.  You must earn this opportunity by getting involved and choosing for you and your neighbors of the 15 districts.

It comes with health care and the COVID-19 Pandemic DELIVERANCE.  Therefore, each of us will do our part and get VACCINATED.

DO NOT allow this one-time opportunity to pass without you staking-your-claim by calling, sending texts, sending emails, sending faxes, sharing Zoom meetings, church, and neighborhood contacts.  By completing surveys of substance.

This money is for Infrastructure CHANGES.  BIG MONEY calls for BIG IDEAS that will put us in the quality of life and economic development wealth-building pathway.

Tom Barrett has BIG TICKET spending that needs your scrutiny.  The Common Council has asked for $1 million per district.  You ask both the executive and legislative branches to give specifics of WHAT FOR.  Request specifics in the media for your review.  This is not automatic.  You need to give your OK.  Let’s GO.

For more information about AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN, CLICK and go to:

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