MILWAUKEE, WI (March 9, 2021) — In honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and National Women’s History Month, the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation is launching the new “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scholarship” program to provide more young women of color access to the field of law. In collaboration with the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation, the MPS Foundation will provide scholarships for young women of color who are attending college in advance of law school or who are attending law school at Marquette University or the University of Wisconsin. Each awardee will be assigned a local mentor, already in the field of law, to help guide them on their journey.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a history-maker, a passionate litigator, a pioneering jurist, and most importantly, an inspiration to generations of women and girls who want to make the world a better place.
The new Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scholarship program was founded by local lawyer and MPS Foundation board member, Fred Tabak.
“Justice Ginsburg’s legacy compels us to identify ways we can help more young women follow in her footsteps. In Wisconsin and across the country, we have a great need for the legal profession to look more like the communities we serve, yet it is difficult for those from underserved neighborhoods to succeed,” Tabak said. “The scholarship will make a little dent, we hope, in that lack of diversity.”
The scholarship program is in its initial fundraising stage. Tabak is calling for lawyers, law firms, and other organizations to help fund this scholarship.
Anyone interested in supporting this program is invited to make a donation to the fund.
“Everything we do is about breaking barriers for MPS students. This timely effort is right in line with that mission,” said Wendell Willis, MPS Foundation, Executive Director. “We are incredibly grateful to Fred’s leadership and call-to-action. We are now accepting student scholarship applications and will award our first student this Summer.”
  • Undergraduate: Recipients will receive $2,000 each year of undergraduate studies
  • Graduate: Recipients are eligible for up to $10,000 per year while attending the University of Wisconsin Law School or Marquette University Law School
Justice Ginsburg spent her long career working on expanding the opportunities available for women, and in carrying forward her legacy, this scholarship will assist Milwaukee Public Schools graduates that meet the following criteria:
  • Women of color
  • Demonstrated history of academic achievement
  • Are recommended by their teachers, mentors, supervisors, or other adults
To aid scholarship reviewers in their evaluations, students who apply for the scholarship will be asked to discuss women in their life who inspire them, share career goals, and articulate how they plan to impact their communities.
Apply online at by Friday, March 26.
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