WISCONSIN — Wisconsin members of MoveOn Political Action have voted decisively to support Mandela Barnes in the state’s U.S. Senate race, with an overwhelming 83% of votes cast in favor of backing Barnes. MoveOn also released an ad contrasting Barnes’ record of fighting for working families against Johnson’s advocacy for his fellow members of the top 1% and tax-dodging corporations.

MoveOn has over 150,000 members in Wisconsin and the Barnes endorsement is MoveOn’s first Senate endorsement of the 2022 cycle. Mandela Barnes is the candidate who will “change the game” with a progressive agenda that will help working families while also having the best chance to beat Ron Johnson in November.

“Mandela Barnes is the epitome of representation that is sorely needed in Wisconsin,” says Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn Political Action. “The people of Wisconsin deserve a Senator who fights for every child, person, and family. And the stakes of this race are a lot bigger than one state, control of the entire US Senate could very well hinge on what the voters of Wisconsin decide.”

This Mandela Barnes endorsement and ad follows MoveOn’s massive organizing effort in Wisconsin to mobilize members to vote, volunteer, and contribute to successfully defeat Donald Trump and their continued efforts to hold Ron Johnson accountable including their recent ‘Bench Ron Johnson’ ad during the NBA finals. The ad is the first salvo in what will be a robust organizing and paid communications campaign in the state that will be MoveOn’s #1 Senate priority.

Mandela Barnes currently serves as Wisconsin’s 45th Lieutenant Governor, making him the first African American to serve as a Lieutenant Governor in the state, and the second African American to ever hold statewide office. Barnes has a record of fighting to help working families – on issues like climate change, voting rights, health care, and education – unlike Senator Ron Johnson who is only focused on helping the top 1% and tax dodging corporations while blocking infrastructure and care help for the rest of Wisconsin.

Mandela Barnes will also give Wisconsin a voice that believes in science and truth again instead of Ron Johnson’s conspiracy theories about vaccines and the Trump insurrectionists who attacked Congress.

Here’s what a few MoveOn members in Wisconsin had to say about Barnes:

Mandela has shown leadership on a number of local and statewide issues over the last few years. We need someone from Wisconsin who will listen to the people and represent us fairly. Johnson has represented only Republicans and not all the people in his state. Johnson has got to go. –Geri L., Milwaukee, WI

Mandela Barnes is the exact opposite of Ron Johnson—wicked smart, progressive, and advocates for the people. He is EXACTLY who Wisconsin needs representing our state in the Senate. –Zenna S., Sun Prairie, WI

I have seen the work he has done as lieutenant governor and would love to see him lead and serve my home state at the federal level! –Kathleen Y., Madison, WI

Mandela is an authentic, down-to-earth person who gets business done while connecting to the community. –Tamar J., Madison, WI

Mandela has the lived experience to represent communities that have been underrepresented for so long. Mandela also works hard to bring together all communities throughout Wisconsin. –Elysse C., Milwaukee, WI

Since Mandela has been lieutenant governor of Wisconsin, I’ve watched him speak up on issues and deliver with concrete solutions and policies. He has shown me that he is for giving fair breaks for all the people. I especially respect Mandela for his calm approach to solving problems. He embraces everyone, no bigotry there. –Jerilyn M., Madison, WI

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