Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on making history! Milwaukee Public Schools is grateful for your support over the years. “Thank you, Milwaukee Bucks — you are champions not just on the basketball court but through your exemplary support for the children and youth in our Milwaukee Public Schools,” said Bob Peterson, president, on behalf of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors.
You have shown up for our students in countless ways – with ongoing support for academic initiatives such as attendance, reading, and math programs; generous donations of tickets, shirts, caps, and winter coats; support for our students’ health and wellness; and advocating for our children through the MPS referendum and support of special education funding. You’ve shown our children how to use your platform to speak out for social justice, and we cannot thank you enough.
“Your dedication to the game of basketball and the young people in Milwaukee Public Schools is truly unmatched,” MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley said. “This accomplishment demonstrates that through perseverance, we all can be champions.”
This team. This city. This moment.
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