MILWAUKEE (October 8, 2021) — Milwaukee Public Schools has taken an active step to ensure the safety of its students and staff. Metcalfe School will move to virtual learning and return to in-person learning on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.
Metcalfe School’s students, families, and staff were notified about the transition to virtual learning. The decision to move to virtual learning was made to decrease the likelihood of spreading COVID-19, due to the school community reporting that 3 percent or more of the total school population has tested positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day period.
Metcalfe School staff will report to the building and work independently from their individual classrooms or office spaces. Students and families can expect outreach from their child’s teacher with instructions for virtual learning. Families should contact the school if they need technology assistance.
The district will continue to encourage safe and healthy guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. MPS requires all students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings, and encourages everyone to cover sneezes and coughs, practice physical distancing, and wash hands thoroughly and often.
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