Appleton, WI — U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson announced in a video his support for Medicare for All, citing his mother’s passing from cancer 19 years ago. Nelson said:

“I’m Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive and candidate for U.S. Senate. 19 years ago this month, my mom passed away from breast cancer. She fought valiantly for 11 years. She was strong, but she was also fortunate. She had health insurance. Not all of us can say that. In fact, 30 million Americans are without insurance and many more are underinsured. We are not getting what we pay for. We pay twice as much, cover less, and we are worse off than our neighbors. And things have only gotten worse during COVID.

Drug companies fleece Americans charging exorbitant prices while other countries keep those same companies in check, protecting them. Health insurance companies record record profits year after year and all of us pay more for our insurance each year. That is why I support Medicare for All. I don’t want to go to Washington to say that we cover millions more Americans. I don’t want to go there to say that we’re covering tens of millions more Americans, I want to go there to say that we are all covered and everyone can see a doctor when they are sick. No American must worry about losing health insurance when they lose a job. No Americans should be one fall, one slip away from bankruptcy. And no one should hesitate to retire just because they’re years away from Medicare. Last year, the very rich made one trillion dollars. That was during a pandemic. If we can afford that, then we can afford to cover every American and lower health care costs. Thank you.”

Link to Video HERE

Progressive Representative Mark Pocan applauded Nelson for pushing the conversation, tweeting, “I hope every candidate for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate takes a similar stance.”

Pocan tweet:

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