Appleton, WI – U.S. Senate candidate and Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson will hold the grand finale of his “Full Nelson 72 Counties Tour” in Appleton on Oct. 23.

After driving over 5,000 miles, Nelson is back in his hometown, and energized to push his campaign to the next level. He is the only candidate that has visited all 72 counties this early in the race and is demonstrating he’s willing to put in the work like no one else.

Establishing himself as the hardest worker in the race, Nelson crisscrossed the state to visit all its counties, getting an especially great response from community members who live in parts of the state that can otherwise feel ignored, as noted by KPJR-TV channel 6 of Superior, Wisconsin.

While many candidates do tours that only involve elected officials and select invited guests, Nelson chose to open his tour up to anyone who wanted to see him at the local pub, McDonalds or coffee shops. He has won six times in a Trump county because he’s not afraid to speak to anyone, regardless of political party.

A schedule for the 23rd can be found here:

Outagamie County – 11:00 am – City Park, 500 E Franklin St, Appleton, WI 54911 –

Watch Nelson’s video launch HERE.


TOM: Hi, Tom Nelson, candidate for the U.S. Senate, coming to you live from Highway 10 – in the middle of our great state. This is a practice trip of sorts because later this week, we’ll be kicking off the ‘Full Nelson Tour.’ That’s right, 72 counties in 72 days – we are going all over!  I want to find out the issues that are important to you because when I go to Washington, I’m going to take on the corporate interests. I’m going to put the billionaires and the millionaires in a headlock because I’m going to Washington to work for you. I’m gonna fight for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage. I come from the Fox Valley, a tough place for Democrats to win, but I’ve won six times. So look for us, coming soon to a restaurant, to a gas station, a community center near you.

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