Garage Video Highlights the Progressive Priorities of Nelson’s Campaign


Appleton, WI — Today, U.S. Senate candidate and Lutheran pastor son Tom Nelson released a new video celebrating Christmas while underscoring his progressive priorities. In the video, Nelson’s children open their gifts to find his policy platform, including taxing millionaires, Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. There are even some more kid-friendly presents for the children.


To see video:






Nelson has made these progressive policies central to his campaign and has not shied away from those positions. As the candidate in the race that has been running on bold reforms, Nelson has developed a string of progressive endorsements, including Sunrise Wisconsin and United Electrical, Radio, & Machine Workers of America Western Region. Going into this holiday season and the new year, politicians must strive to deliver transformative change to their constituents’ lives, as is their duty.




CHILD 1: Hey Daddy, everybody in America is going to get their Medicare.


TOM: That was on my list!


CHILD 2: Hey Daddy, millionaires are going to pay their share.


TOM: That’s another one from my list!


TOM: Wow, you’ve grown. Here you go, George.


TOM: There’s something else in here. We’re going to get a Green New Deal.

This is the best Christmas ever!


MARIA: Look what I have!




TOM: This Christmas and holiday season, let’s make sure everyone gets everything that they deserve. A fair shot at a better future.


MARIA: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Nelsons.

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