Appleton, WI — Today, U.S. Senate candidate and Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson released a Halloween-themed video warning that without an end to the filibuster, democracy and the bold promises made by Democrats could fall to authoritarianism and a right-wing Republican party hellbent on voter suppression and gerrymandering. In “A Halloween Horror Story,” Nelson discusses how the racist filibuster prevents Democrats from following through on their promises, such as creating real help for working families, well-paying union jobs, quality healthcare for all, a solid climate plan, a pathway to citizenship and making the rich pay their fair share.

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Halloween is a time for scary stories, and do I have a full-on horror story to scare you tonight.

Darkness descends, cascading downwards,

Covering all like ebony flowers.

On this night, normality shall bend,

For on this night is Democracy’s End!

All the children, mothers and fathers,

Hide in homes, waiting for the impending Build Back Better.

An insipid laugh rings through the night,

Spreading the Big Lie from the radical right.


A knight of undeath, with armour of black,

With a ghastly undead horse, and a head he did lack.

He flew through the sky, exclaiming his name,

The Filibuster rides again!

All the promises that Democrats have made, all the changes that voters have demanded, it’s all within reach.


Real help for working families,

good-paying union jobs,

Quality health care for all,

A climate plan to avert catastrophe

A pathway to citizenship,

And making the rich pay their fair share.

Standing in the way is a dumb old Senate rule designed by racists that’s not in the constitution.

It’s scary to think that Democrats could blow this opportunity, to let the filibuster and banking lobbyists get in the way of fixing democracy and passing a bold, popular agenda.

Because right now Republicans are gerrymandering. They’re passing voter suppression laws and they’re ready to overturn elections and throwing this country into authoritarianism. Now that’s the real horror story.

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