Washington, D.C. – Tomorrow, Democracy Partners will host a fundraiser for Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes in Washington, D.C. It says everything you need to know about Barnes that he’s spending his time fundraising with out-of-state liberals instead of spending time talking to real Wisconsinites. But the location and attendees are the least of their concern. The hosts are radical liberals and a felon.

The co-founder of Democracy Partners is Robert Creamer, a felon who pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 2005 and was sentenced to five months in prison. More recently, Creamer and others tied to Democracy Partners got caught on camera in 2016 talking about inciting violence at Trump events. It got so out of hand that they had to take a step back from helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Barnes removed all mention of Democracy Partners in the online invitation to the event. Seems like someone should’ve thought of that before asking them to host a fundraiser…

One of the other hosts of the Barnes fundraiser will be Lauren Windsor, a liberal activist who does her own “gotcha” videos targeting Republicans.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Insiders said it was highly unusual for Windsor, who is funded by a nonprofit, to engage directly in partisan politics by hosting a fundraiser.” We couldn’t agree more, but that’s the Barnes campaign for you.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “The company Mandela Barnes keeps is an indicator of how liberal and radical he really is. Let’s not forget that he called socialist Squad member and defund the police activist Ilhan Omar ‘brilliant.’ Wisconsin Democrats continue to trip over themselves to prove how liberal they can be. If Barnes thinks this is how he can win over Wisconsinites, he is surely mistaken.”

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