Washington, D.C. – Senate Democrats are still trying to ram through their reckless, multi-trillion-dollar tax and spending spree (“Build Back Broke”) before the end of the year. And Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes thinks that his party’s leader is muddying up the negotiation process. YIKES.

According to The Hill:

When asked about Biden’s involvement in negotiations on passing reforms like Build Back Better, Barnes said the president’s involvement “could potentially muddy the process.”

“It feels like there’s a feeling that they’re okay bucking the president,” Barnes said. “We saw that happen over the infrastructure bill. We continue to see it in the large-scale packages people are looking for. Build Back Better, we’re still debating that. These are things that theoretically we should have seen passed in the first three months [of Biden’s presidency].”

With Biden’s numbers cratering across the country, expect more Democrat Senate candidates to follow Barnes’ lead and throw Old Joe out to pasture.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Wow. Mandela Barnes is so radical that he doesn’t think the president should be a factor in negotiations. Joe Biden is so unpopular that liberal candidates like Barnes are starting to run as far away as possible. With Biden’s plummet showing no signs of slowing down, we’d anticipate seeing more of this across the country.”

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