Washington, D.C. – I guess we can add ‘tax cheat’ to Alex Lasry’s and Sarah Godlewski’s resumes.

While Godlewski (the Wisconsin State Treasurer no less) was caught failing to pay state income tax for two years, spoiled rich kid Lasry was caught receiving property tax breaks in TWO states – NY and WI – benefitting him to the tune of $24,000. According to the law in both states, this tax break is reserved for PRIMARY residents. But being Wall Street’s favorite candidate, Lasry couldn’t let go of his New York ties that fast.

Now that Lasry is “pleasantly surprised that Milwaukee is a normal city” and was caught cheating on his taxes, maybe he will cut his ties with New York and focus on what’s best for Wisconsinites? We doubt it but are excited to watch how this unfolds.

ICYMI, local Wisconsin TV covered Lasry the tax cheat on Friday.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Alex Lasry is running for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin but acts like he is running in New York, receiving heavy donations from Wall Street liberals and claiming primary residency in a state where he claims to no longer live. Lasry is a spoiled rich kid who’s used to getting what he wants. But cheating his way into a taxpayer-funded benefit crosses a line. Wisconsinites deserve better.”

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