MADISON, Wis.— Today Opportunity Wisconsin released the following statement after the House of Representatives approved the American Rescue Plan, a bill that will provide over $20 billion in relief to Wisconsinites across the state. A recent survey from Opportunity Wisconsin and Change Research found broad support from Wisconsinites for the American Rescue Plan, with large bipartisan majorities in favor of many of the bill’s provisions.

Meghan Roh, Opportunity Wisconsin Program Director:
“Today, Wisconsin workers and families are one step closer to receiving the economic relief they desperately need to help them recover from pandemic. We’re grateful to our elected officials, like Representatives Gwen Moore, Mark Pocan, and Ron Kind, who today put Wisconsin families over partisan DC politics. The American Rescue Plan will benefit Wisconsinites who need it most, which stands in stark contrast to those who benefitted from the 2017 tax giveaway to the wealthy—a $1.9 trillion bill Senator Johnson eagerly supported.”

See highlights from the American Rescue Plan in our breakdown here: 
American Rescue Plan: What’s In It For Wisconsin?

On Saturday, the American Rescue Plan passed the U.S. Senate, despite Senator Johnson’s inexplicable delaying tactics that forced Senate staff to read the bill aloud, wasting hours of the Senate’s valuable time for no apparent gain, while Badger State residents continued to struggle. Last month, Opportunity Wisconsin launched a $1M statewide TV ad campaign featuring Wisconsin residents urging Senator Johnson to stop blocking COVID relief checks for Badger State families and workers.

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