MADISON, Wis.Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which passed the Senate on August 10 with support from all 50 Democrats and 19 Republicans. Two days after voting ‘no’ on the bill, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson shared on conservative talk radio that he “didn’t read the thing.”

Opportunity Wisconsin program director Meghan Roh issued the following statement in response to today’s House vote: 

“Today is a historic day for the people of Wisconsin, who will benefit immensely from repaired roads and bridges, increased access to broadband, cleaner drinking water, and so much more. Despite widespread bipartisan support for the bill from lawmakers and the public alike, Senator Johnson voted ‘no’ on yet another much-needed package that will improve the lives of his constituents. We applaud the Biden-Harris administration for delivering on this historic piece of legislation and strongly urge Senator Johnson to stop blocking legislation that greatly benefits the people he’s supposed to represent.”

The IIJA invests in the Badger State by: 

  • Providing Wisconsin with $5.2 billion for highways and $225 million for bridges over 5 years; in Wisconsin there are 979 bridges and nearly 2,000 miles of highway in poor condition, costing the average Wisconsin driver $547 per year
  • Providing $592 million over 5 years to improve public transportation 
  • Providing internet access to the 318,000 Wisconsinites who currently lack it, and providing an Affordability Connectivity Benefit to help low-income families (22% of Wisconsinites) afford internet access
  • Providing Wisconsin with $841 million over 5 years to improve water infrastructure and ensure clean, safe drinking water in all communities, including through the elimination of lead service lines and pipes and the dangerous chemical PFAS
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