MADISON, Wis.In case you missed it, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. From recent reporting by ProPublica revealing that Senator Johnson’s work on the 2017 Republican tax bill delivered millions of dollars in tax cuts to his campaign donors, to admitting to not reading the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he voted against—it has not been great for Senator Johnson.

We’re calling on Senator Johnson to stop putting his wealthy donors over hardworking Wisconsinites and start supporting policies that help the Badger State.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Nobody’s senator but theirs: Ron Johnson’s backroom dealing shows who he’s working for. It’s not you.

  • A blockbuster scoop by ProPublica on Wednesday makes crystal clear who Ron Johnson represents: He is the senator for the ultra-wealthy.
  • Though he tried to defend himself on Wednesday, Johnson’s secret, closed-door maneuvering on the tax bill is one more reason he’s unfit to represent Wisconsin citizens. The sooner he’s removed from office, the better for our democratic republic.
  • The senator is willing to work hard, and even stand up to his party’s leader, when it comes to doing the bidding of a few extremely rich patrons. When it comes to working for the good of the many more average Wisconsin citizens he represents? Not so much. 
  • Johnson’s priorities are all wrong — and they’ve been all wrong for this entire term.
  • Former Sen. Herb Kohl, who financed his own campaigns, used to have a slogan: Nobody’s senator but yours.
  • Ron Johnson has put a new spin on that: Nobody’s senator but theirs.
  • It’s time to actually drain the swamp and fire Sen. Ron Johnson from public office

The Capital Times: Editorial: Ron Johnson is a crook

  • Why did Johnson fight so hard against a president for whom he has generally been willing to debase himself as the most willing lapdog in the Senate Republican Caucus? At the time, Wisconsin media speculated that “Johnson Wants a Bigger Tax Cut for Himself.” That was part of the explanation. But in this particular instance, Johnson was not merely thinking of himself.
  • Johnson, who was worth around $40 million before the pandemic, has a long record of voting for legislation that benefits the owners of so-called “limited-liability” corporations, like the one he owns with his wife. 
  • But as the political outsider became a political careerist, he has expanded his grifting to serve the interests of those who have kept him in office up to this point.

Wisconsin Examiner: Johnson says he didn’t read infrastructure bill

  • Sen. Ron Johnson was one of 30 Republicans who voted against the recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill — yet in an appearance on the conservative Dan Bongino Show, Johnson said he hadn’t even read the bill. 
  • The package passed the Senate last week but has not yet passed the House of Representatives. It could bring billions of dollars to Wisconsin to repair roads and bridges, expand internet access across the state and replace lead pipes; 19 Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voted for the bill. 
  • Johnson noted the bill’s 2,700 page length and its price tag in his public statements about the vote, but later said he didn’t read it. 
  • “And, I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t read the thing,” he said on the Aug. 12 episode of the Dan Bongino Show.
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