Opportunity Wisconsin relaunches “NO” as a reminder that Senator Johnson stood in the way of the Badger State’s recovery

MILWAUKEE, Wis.— As Vice President Kamala Harris visits the Badger State today to discuss policies that uplift Wisconsin workers and families, Opportunity Wisconsin is making sure Milwaukee residents know that Senator Ron Johnson has stood in the way of the state’s recovery through a relaunch of its digital ad, “NO.”

“We’re excited to welcome Vice President Harris to Milwaukee today and grateful for this Administration’s bold leadership that has put Wisconsin on the road to recovery,” said Meghan Roh, Opportunity Wisconsin program director. “Senator Johnson and Republicans in our congressional delegation have voted against money in pockets, shots in arms, and getting Wisconsinites back on the job. Wisconsinites can’t forget who fought for us and who failed us. They continue to stand in the way of Wisconsin’s recovery and we must hold them accountable for it.”  

Opportunity Wisconsin originally launched the ad in March to hold Senator Johnson accountable for opposing the American Rescue Plan. The ad was part of a six-figure digital ad campaign, following a three-week, $1M statewide TV ad campaign featuring Wisconsin residents urging Senator Johnson to stop blocking COVID relief checks.

Learn more about how the American Rescue Plan is helping Wisconsin.

“NO” Full Script:
COVID relief is on the way.
But Senator Ron Johnson voted NO.
$1,400 relief checks? NO.
Funding for vaccines? NO.
Support for small businesses? NO.
Tell Ron Johnson to stop blocking our recovery.

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