MADISON, Wis.— Today, Opportunity Wisconsin released the following statement calling on U.S. Senator Ron Johnson to work with the Biden administration to bring much-needed economic relief to Wisconsin families.

Meghan Roh, Program Director:

“Every four years, regardless of political party, our country comes together to celebrate democracy and to write a new chapter in our history. It also presents an opportunity for our elected officials to put partisanship aside and work together on behalf of the American people.

“As our nation surpassed a grim milestone yesterday with the death of over 400,000 of our friends and neighbors due to COVID-19, it’s imperative Congress move immediately to address both the public health and financial crises we still face.

“Despite his out-of-touch track record of obstruction, we call on Senator Johnson to work with the incoming Administration to provide much-needed and long-overdue relief for Wisconsin families still reeling from the pandemic. The last thing we need is for our senator to stand in the way of potentially life-saving action over the coming weeks.”

Last month, Senator Johnson rejected $1,200 in direct emergency payments to Americans citing the impact on America’s deficit. During his floor remarks, Senator Johnson failed to mention his support for the 2017 tax cuts which not only exploded the deficit by over $1 trillion, but also personally enriched the millionaire Senator. Ultimately, Senator Johnson also voted against the final pandemic relief package, which passed Congress with significant bipartisan support.

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