Report: Johnson “will ask for a reading of COVID-relief substitute on Senate floor,” expected to delay process of advancing critical legislation by 10 hours

MADISON, Wis.— Today Opportunity Wisconsin released the following statement after news broke that U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is preparing to ask for an alternative COVID relief bill to be read aloud on the Senate floor, a political ploy that is expected to require ten hours and will only delay relief for struggling Wisconsinites. Wisconsin is poised to receive over $20 billion in relief that will go to support families, small businesses, and cities and towns across the state as they recover from the devastation of the COVID pandemic.

Meghan Roh, Program Director:
“Let’s be clear, Senator Johnson is now doing everything in his power to delay urgently-needed COVID relief for millions of Wisconsin workers and families. It is unconscionable. At a time when folks around the Badger State are barely scraping by, often being forced to choose between keeping the heat on and putting food on the table, Senator Johnson has decided to put politics over the Wisconsin people. Senator Johnson is either completely out-of-touch with the struggles of his constituents or he simply doesn’t care. He should forgo this pointless stunt and support this urgent legislation that Wisconsinites need.”

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