Press Contact:

MADISON, Wis.—Opportunity Wisconsin released a statement today on Senator Ron Johnson voting against the first step in providing COVID relief to Wisconsinites.

Meghan Roh, Program Director:

“Senator Johnson had no issue voting for a $2 trillion dollar tax giveaway for millionaires like himself, but when it comes to urgently-needed COVID relief for his constituents, somehow the price tag is too high. Wisconsin deserves senators who will fight for our values and support our families struggling in the pandemic, not hide behind procedural excuses. We urge Senator Johnson to stop standing in the way of robust relief measures that we need now.”

In December, Johnson blocked a bipartisan effort to provide $1,200 direct payment checks to Wisconsinites. As Politico reported, Johnson is “the guy who twice shut down $1,200 stimulus checks that would have gone to hundreds of thousands of his constituents.” Today, Johnson voted against the first step in passing the American Rescue Act, which includes $1,400 in direct payments and $400 billion for vaccine distribution and improved school safety.

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