The Freedom to Vote Act would expand access to the ballot while cracking down on voter suppression and sham audits that undermine our democratic processes.

MADISON, Wis.Following today’s news that Senator Ron Johnson voted to block the Freedom to Vote Act, a transformative piece of legislation that would empower voters and ensure free and fair federal elections, Opportunity Wisconsin program director Meghan Roh issued the following statement: 

“While it’s no surprise that Senator Ron Johnson, a frequent peddler of election-related misinformation, voted to block this commonsense piece of legislation, it’s deeply concerning nonetheless. Wisconsinites deserve to be able to exercise their right to vote free of systematic efforts to suppress their voices, and this bill would allow them to do just that. We’re calling on Senator Johnson to stop attacking the voting rights of his own constituents.”

In the wake of President Biden’s victory, Senator Johnson was one of the loudest voices amplifying baseless claims of election fraud peddled by the Trump campaign that were disproven in 63 court cases in which the Trump campaign was defeated.

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