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MADISON — Ahead of an expected vote in the House of Representatives, today Opportunity Wisconsin released highlights of  how the Badger State stands to benefit once the American Rescue Plan is signed into law. A recent survey from Opportunity Wisconsin and Change Research found broad support from Wisconsinites for the American Rescue Plan, with large bipartisan majorities in favor of many of the bill’s provisions.

“To say the American Rescue Plan is a ‘game-changer’ would be an understatement. Whether it’s $1,400 direct payments, expanded vaccine access, or aid to small businesses, the American Rescue Plan provides badly-needed relief to Wisconsin workers and families who have been hit hard during the pandemic,” said Meghan Roh, Opportunity Wisconsin Program Director. “It’s outrageous  Senator Johnson voted against such a critical piece of legislation at a time when his constituents are struggling.” 

American Rescue Plan: What’s In It For Wisconsin

A few highlights of what Wisconsinites can expect to see from the American Rescue Plan

  • TotalThe American Rescue plan would provide $20 billion in relief to Wisconsinites – money that would go to families, small businesses, and cities across the state.
  • Direct Relief. A provision that would send $1,400 checks to American families who need it most would give $7.8 billion to Wisconsin families, helping 4 million adults and 1.5 million children in the state.
  • Child Tax Credit. Tax cuts in the American Rescue Plan provide 98 percent of Wisconsin’s families with children an average tax break of $2,510.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit. 349,000 Wisconsinites claimed the EITC in 2020. However, workers without children were only able to claim a maximum of $529 dollars. The American Rescue Plan raises this maximum amount to $1,500. Approximately 214,000 childless workers in Wisconsin would gain $214 million from the expanded EITC benefit.
  • Food Assistance. The American Rescue Plan would extend the 15 percent increase in SNAP benefits passed in December through at least September. Families would receive an additional $27 per person per month, and in Wisconsin, 30 percent of that increase would go to the neediest households – those with income below 50 percent of the federal poverty level. As of mid-December 2020, there were 723,000 people receiving SNAP benefits. That would bring an additional $20 million into the state and help ease the food insecurity in Wisconsin.

The American Rescue Plan would benefit those who need it the most. This stands in stark contrast to those who benefitted from the 2017 millionaires tax cut, a $1.9 trillion bill Senator Johnson eagerly supported.

On Saturday, the American Rescue Plan passed the U.S. Senate, despite Senator Johnson’s inexplicable delaying tactics that forced Senate staff to read the bill aloud, wasting hours of the Senate’s valuable time for no apparent gain, while Badger State residents continued to struggle. Last month, Opportunity Wisconsin launched a $1M statewide TV ad campaign featuring Wisconsin residents urging Senator Johnson to stop blocking COVID relief checks for Badger State families and workers.

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