MADISON, Wis. — Ryan Owens, a Republican candidate for Attorney General released a launch video this morning, titled, “A Safer, Freer, More Prosperous Wisconsin.”
In the video, Owens outlines why he is running for Attorney General, the failures of Josh Kaul, and how, together, we can turn around Wisconsin.
“We have a leadership deficit in this state that’s turning into a freedom deficit,” said Ryan Owens, candidate for Attorney General. “I’m running because Wisconsin deserves an Attorney General who will put our freedoms first. Josh Kaul repeatedly put his political goals ahead of our freedom, safety, and prosperity. That needs to end.”
Owens voice over:
Respect for everyone
Those principles have always set Wisconsin apart.
But under Josh Kaul’s leadership, we’ve seen Wisconsin burn.
Laws become suggestions
And greater conflict than ever
Our police – vilified
Our educational freedoms – vanishing
And our first amendment liberties – trampled on
We have a leadership deficit in this state, and it’s turning into a freedom deficit.
Owens footage: “We have got some serious problems here and we need serious solutions for them.”
Owens voice over:
My name is Ryan Owens.
I’m a constitutional lawyer and a professor.
I’ve watched politicians overpromise and underdeliver for years.
I’m running for Attorney General because Wisconsin deserves better.
Female newscaster: “Ryan Owens, a constitutional lawyer.”
Male newscaster: “Owens becomes the latest candidate to join the race for Wisconsin Attorney General.”
Female newscaster: “Owens announcing his bid to be the state’s top cop.”
Owens voice over:
We deserve someone who won’t sacrifice freedom for political ambition.
An attorney general who will enforce our laws, who will protect our constitution.
Free speech, fair elections, public safety, and the belief that government should serve us and not the other way around.
Those are my principles, and I’ll stand by them as Attorney General.
I’m Ryan Owens. Join me, and together we’ll create a safer, freer, and more prosperous future for Wisconsin.
Owens footage: “We need serious solutions.”
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