Peter Peckarsky of Milwaukee has registered with the Federal Election
Commission and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (as a candidate from
the Democratic Party of Wisconsin) to represent Wisconsin in the United
States Senate for the six (6) year term beginning on January 3, 2023.
His campaign committee is Peckarsky for Wisconsin, Inc. The campaign
plans to file the necessary nomination papers on or before June 1, 2022.

Mr. Peckarsky was born, raised, and graduated from high school in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his S.B degrees in Electrical
Engineering and Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D – Mass.) placed Mr. Peckarsky’s senior thesis
in the Congressional Record in support of Sen. Kennedy’s opposition to
the Anti-Ballistic Missile system.

Mr. Peckarsky served as a consultant on strategic nuclear weapons forces
and platforms to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and on
intelligence analysis to the Director of Naval Intelligence.

As an attorney, he has participated in election law, patent, trademark,
copyright, antitrust, trade secret, fraud, contract, leveraged buy-out,
civil RICO, hedge fund, and securities fraud matters. His career has
involved the interaction of law with scientific and technical fields
including biotechnology, computer hardware and software, electrical
circuits and signals, internet communications, internet devices, medical
devices, microprocessors, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, physics,
quantum mechanics, semiconductor design, semiconductor processing,
statistics, and telecommunications.

As a U.S. Senator representing everyone in Wisconsin, he will utilize
his education, experience, and creativity to address the complex
problems our country is facing today by asking some fundamental
questions such as:

How do we best provide quality medical care as a basic right for all?

How do we best provide a sound education for all without unconscionable
debt burdening students and continuing to burden graduates?

How do we best protect our environment and address the threat and
effects of climate change?

How do we eliminate structural racism and its effects?

How do we best address and reduce rampant economic inequality?

How do we make certain that all workers are guaranteed without question
the legal right to join unions of their choice and to bargain
effectively and collectively for healthy conditions of employment and
wages for each worker sufficient to support a family and save for the

How do we protect the livelihoods of family farmers and the land on
which they toil every day to provide proper nutrition for all of us?

With a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, how
do we best protect the right of the people to control their government
by voting without hindrance or suppression of any type and to have the
result accurately reflect their votes as did the result of the 2020
Presidential election?

An American who served our country well once observed that some people
see things as they are and ask “Why?” while others see things as they
could be and ask “Why not?”

After registering as a candidate and reflecting on the above observation
of U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy (D – NY), Mr. Peckarsky said: “If
elected, on behalf of all of my constituents, I will ask ‘Why not?’ ”

Please send all inquiries to Sari at [email protected]

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