Columbus: Republican William Penterman announced that he’s running to represent Wisconsin’s 37th Assembly District, which is set to be vacated by John Jagler. Penterman, who serves in the United States Army Reserve and works as a legislative aide, lives in Columbus with his wife Abby.

“Growing up on the farm, I learned early on the importance of service – to God, to my country, and to the community,” said Penterman.  “I’m proud to serve as the treasurer of my church, in the Army Reserve, and as the Membership Chair of the Columbia County Republican Party. Now, I’m stepping up to give a voice to the hardworking taxpayers in the 37th Assembly District.”

A lifelong conservative, Penterman believes that an expanding government and bureaucratic overreach have gotten in the way of people pursuing their American dream. He is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-limited government. To learn more about William Penterman, please visit

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