Contact: Diane Farsetta ( or Annie Kraus (, Party Co-chairs

Progressive Dane, an independent third party that focuses on local issues, is proud to announce our endorsements in Madison’s Spring 2021 elections.

We are excited by the number of young and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color candidates, many of whom were inspired to run by the movement for Black lives and the need to address inequities further exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer active support to their campaigns, and look forward to working with them to enact bold policies.

Madison Common Council

  • District 2 – ProDane incumbent Patrick Heck and Benji Ramirez, recognizing Patrick’s commitments to resident engagement and affordable housing; and Benji’s work to mobilize and engage people often underrepresented in local debates
  • District 3 – Charly Rowe, whose lived experience, commitment to community, and support of police accountability will benefit the Council
  • District 4 – ProDane incumbent Mike Verveer, recognizing his commitment to affordable housing and shifting City resources to meet community needs
  • District 8 – Ayomi Obuseh and Juliana Bennet, who are both accomplished organizers elevating the voices of students and BIPOC community members
  • District 9 – Nikki Conklin, whose neighborhood organizing informs her priorities of housing justice and helping families build wealth
  • District 10 – Yannette Figueroa Cole, recognizing her advocacy for people with housing insecurity and her vision for healthy communities
  • District 12 – Tessa Echeverria, who is championing affordable sustainable development, public internet, a participatory budget process, and a public buyout of MG&E
  • District 13 – ProDane incumbent Tag Evers, recognizing his work to add affordable housing, maintain grocery access, and prevent evictions
  • District 15 – ProDane incumbent Grant Foster, who has prioritized traffic safety, resident engagement, and land use issues
  • District 18 – ProDane incumbent Rebecca Kemble, recognizing her leadership for environmental justice, neighborhood schools, police accountability, and cooperative economics
  • District 19 – Aisha Moe, who is championing housing for all, reimagining public safety, and a COVID-19 recovery that benefits the working class

Dane County Board

  • District 12 special election – Goodwill Obieze, recognizing his involvement in student government and emphasis on environmental sustainability, housing justice, and criminal justice reform

ProDane’s endorsement process is led by the party’s Elections Committee, with involvement open to members throughout. The Elections Committee met for over 20 hours to interview candidates and formulate recommendations. Candidate responses to ProDane’s questionnaire are posted on our website, with final endorsement decisions made by membership voting at the January general membership meeting. ProDane advances progressive policies by working with our endorsed electeds, party members, and local grassroots groups year-round.

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